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Have you always wanted to learn Golf? Are you struggling to master the perfect swing? Are you frustrated, tired & about to give up? STOP. Hear us out for just a minute!
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Play Golf Like A Pro!

We the team at GolfMyth proudly present to you an exciting opportunity! Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about mastering a golf swing? Are you, or do you know someone who is frustrated after failed attempts to learn the game of golf? Well, you have arrived at just the right time & place to get your mind blown over busting the myths of a complicated golf swing!

Why is the game of golf famous among the affluent?

It is true that golf is a luxury sport. Golf is considered a game for the rich & famous, those who can afford to be a member at exclusive & sophisticated clubs and resorts all around the world. Golf clubs & various accessories can be expensive too, but the gratification one gets from playing the sport itself can justify the cost involved. But here we are at GolfMyth, yet again busting the myth that the game is exclusively for the wealthy. We bring to you the timeless gift of Golf at an affordable price range!


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Individualised coaching sessions using our simplified unique bio mechanical instructions.
Conducting Workshops as corporate events for top business executives & CEOs
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Our Founder Mr Navamani Dhanasingh is a Masters degree holder in Physics, ventured into the field of software technology in the late1980s, inventing several award winning intellectual properties along the way, making it to the list of top 25 CEOs of California (also, proudly the only Indian). He has been a passionate researcher in the field of Golf for over two decades and is super excited to have finally made a groundbreaking innovation that he truly believes is about to universally shake the entire golf industry.


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